15 Delightful DIY Spring Wreaths

15 Delightful Spring Wreaths via Snap Creativity

Every year I vow I'm going to create an amazing spring wreath and then I remember two things. One, I don't really craft. And two, I have two front doors. But that's okay. I have a great imagination and I'll pretend I have one of these delightful DIY spring wreaths welcoming Easter and Mother's Day guests this season. . . 15 Delightful DIY Spring Wreaths . Spring wreath tutorial from Positively Splendid . DIY wreath for spring from Hydrangea Hippo . Cupcake liner wreath tutorial from The 36th Avenue . DIY summer bicycle yarn wrapped wreath from My So Called Crafty … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Wreath

Valentine's Wreath

Hello friends!  Can you believe it almost Valentine's Day already?  Is your decor up, I have a confession...mine isn't.  It's slowly coming together, check out this adorable Valentine's Wreath I just made.  So cute right?!  Best part is it's super easy to make. Supplies: Foam wreath form Felt Small sewing pins Fabric strips (cut in to 2" wide strips) Small fancy photo frame (this one is from Michaels) Chalkboard paint & foam brush Chalkboard marker, or free printable found below Start by wrapping your entire wreath form with your fabric strips.  I used the … [Read more...]

DIY White Winter Wreath

DIY White Winter Wreath via SNAP

I am dreaming of a white Christmas... Which is not terribly far fetched considering I live in Utah and we've already had more than three feet of snow this season. What I am really looking forward to though is a home decorated with white - starting with a white winter wreath on the front door. This was a super-quick project (you know what a fan I am of quickie crafts) and soo inexpensive (like, dollar store priced). I started out with a regular grapevine wreath. I purchased it for about $6, but I see them at the dollar store all the time. I took it out on the deck and spray … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Mantel

Fall mantel

Fall decorating is always a bit interesting around here...In late September when Layla is posting her amazing fall mantel and Kate is hosting her fall mantel linky it's still 80+ degrees and a bit like summer around here... And then in October we Utahns kinda throw ourselves into Halloween so I end up decorating the mantel for Halloween. I finally get around to a true fall mantel in November... This year, I've put together a pretty simple arrangement. I moved my Halloween pumpkins to an apothecary jar, added a few of my pears (I am obsessed with pears. For reals.) and a couple … [Read more...]

Yarn Halloween Bat Wreath

Yarn Halloween Wreath

I have a habit of ignoring many trends. The fact that everyone is doing something can be a big turn off for me, so by the time I act on a trend it's often no longer a trend. Do you ever feel like that? Enter the yarn wreath. I've seen so many cute ones...I've even pinned a few to my wreath Pinterest board, but I just never felt the urge to make one. Then last week while wandering around Michael's, I found this amazingly fun sparkly eyelash yarn. I wanted to use it for a wreath, but it would have taken a million skeins and cost a fortune to use on its own so I picked up some super-soft, … [Read more...]

DIY Curly Ribbon Birthday Wreath

This time of year, I typically have birthdays on the brain. I've been a bit distracted by SNAP!, but with three birthdays in three weeks the planning is now underway... The first item up?  A fun DIY curly ribbon birthday wreath. Typically I adorn the door with a simple sign, but this is such a cheerful greeting, no? About two years ago, I snapped a terrible cell phone photo of a very pricey curly ribbon wreath at one of the local universities. I've been hoping to recreate it for a while and birthday season seemed like the perfect opportunity. It was an incredibly simple, super inexpensive … [Read more...]

Vintage Ornament Holiday Wreath

Hi there SNAPers!! I'm Jen from Tatertots & Jello. Can you believe it's December already?? Are you ready for the most festive season of the year? I love this time of year. One of the things I love most about Christmas is the sense of history from seasons past. Do you have a collection that you love to display at Christmas? I bought some vintage Christmas ornaments about 10 years ago. They are scratched up with wear but beautiful to me. I love to think of all of the Christmases these ornaments have seen, the memories they have made in all of those years. I have put them on my tree over … [Read more...]

Ten Great Halloween Wreaths

My front door is covered this season and yet, I can't seem to stop looking at (and in some cases drooling over) Halloween wreaths. Since I do not have space for yet another wreath of my own, I am going to share a few of my favorites here. My favorite wreath this season is from 36th Avenue. Simply gorgeous. I love everything about it. And, I love the attention to detail. This wreath is simple...Can you find fake garlic? Anyone seen it? 'Cause otherwise...Eww! No one would want to come anywhere near your door on Halloween. I've been loving the spooky lately and this wreath is no exception. … [Read more...]

Spooky Skeleton Wreath

Craft your way into being the creepiest house on the block with this spooky skeleton Halloween wreath... There has been a lot of discussion around the house about whether Halloween should be fun (me) or creepy, scary, spooky. Creepy, scary and spooky is winning. Since last year's Halloween wreath was made of feathers and glitter, it was pretty apparent a new, spookier wreath was in order. I really wanted to make something with skulls and have been trolling the dollar store for something suitable from the moment Halloween stuff started showing up on the shelves... I actually ended up finding … [Read more...]