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I am super excited about showcasing the bag of my next guest…Wendy, from The Shabby Nest.

Shabby Nest BlogI shared my love of Wendy once before. She is a delightfully stylish lady and I am so glad to know her.

She’s been busy since I last featured her and I thought I would share a few of her fun projects with you…

Check out her fun back-to-school dinner party – I am bookmarking this one for next year!

Back to School dinner

I am always scared of light colored furniture. Wendy’s shared how to clean linen furniture and now I am thinking it might not be so bad…

How to clean light apholstery

I adore her glitter pumpkins

DIY glitter pumpkins

This post isn’t new. In fact you’ve probably seen it ALL OVER PINTEREST this last year, but I still think it’s such a fun anniversary idea

Wedding anniversary

Great ideas, right?!

Well, without further ado…

What’s in My Handbag – The Shabby Nest

Hi! I’m Wendy from The Shabby Nest.  I’m really excited to be here today to share What’s In My Handbag.

First up, my sunnies.  Love the tortoise shell frames…they make me feel glamorous in an Old Hollywood kind of way.

And of course, what blogger’s purse would be complete without a smart phone?  Can’t go a minute without email and twitter, you know?  I even customized a case for mine so that it is pretty in pink chevron stripes.

And the rest of the stuff?  Well, I’ve numbered it for you…because that’s how I roll.  A little bit Type “A” maybe?

  1. I always keep a little notebook and pens in my purse because inspiration strikes when it strikes.  And if I don’t write it down when I think of it, I’ll never remember later.
  2. Reading glasses.  Nothing fun to say about those.  They’re necessary when my eyes get tired.
  3. Hand lotion.  I love this cute little pink container by eos!  And it smells divine.
  4. Liquid powder makeup.  Because you never know when you might need a touch-up.
  5. Hair bands.   I am always and forever needing to get my daughter’s hair out of her eyes.
  6. Tic Tacs.  Fresh breath.  It’s a priority.  ‘Nuff said.
  7. My business cards.  A must have in case I meet a great business/blog contact.
  8. Crayons and a Yoda PEZ dispenser.  I am a mom after all.
  9. Lip gloss and an itty bitty container of Vaseline for lips.  I *may* have a bit of a lip gloss infatuation.

So that’s it…all the stuff I carry around with me on a daily basis.  Special thanks to Tauni for inviting me over today!  I had a great time and it made me clean out the old purse!

Thanks for sharing with us today Wendy so happy to have you! And, if you haven’t already, pop over and read what’s in Myra’s handbag.


  1. LOVE that purse. Where’d you snag it?!

  2. Loving this series Tauni! It’s so fun to see everyone’s stuff!

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