How To Truncate Posts in Blogger

A few weeks ago Amy showed us a tutorial on How to Truncate Posts in WordPress. Today I want to show you how to do the same thing in Blogger. The process is very similar but I want to go over a few Blogger specific things with you.

And if you are wondering what Truncating a Post is, take a look at Amy’s post. She did an awesome job explaining truncating and the reasons why you would want to do this.

Truncated Posts in Blogger look like this >>>

First you compose your whole post just like normal. Then take a look at it and decide where you want to insert the “Read More” link. Tip : Place it in a spot so that people will want to keep clicking (wink!)

Now look up in your tool bar and look for the icon that looks like a jagged page ripped in half. Click that. You will see a small grey bar inserted into your post. That is where your page jump [read more link] will be.

And that’s it! Remember ┬áthat if you press “preview post” right now you will not see the “Read More” link. The post preview shows what the post will look like on its specific url [when you are reading a single post]. The page break will show up once you push publish and go to your blog homepage.

Another tip :: In Blogger, there is not a way to automatically create truncated posts for all your posts at once, like in wordpress. But it is something you can start implementing now, or if you have time you can go back and edit your old posts.

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Kendra @ Key Lime Digital Designs

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Kendra @ Key Lime Digital Designs
Kendra @ Key Lime Digital Designs
Kendra @ Key Lime Digital Designs

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  1. I tried doing it but it just cut the post off where I put the break with no “read more” button. I must be missing something…

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