Watercolor Outdoor Sign

Hello again SNAP! Friends!  It’s Ariean from OneKriegerChick here to share a fun outdoor sign with a watercolor paint technique.  It’s way easier than it looks!

One of my favorite places to spend the Summer is at the pool.  Lucky for us, our home came with one…It was the only redeeming feature when we looked at our home a couple years ago.  The Summer after we moved in, we built a Poolhouse area on our back patio…But I never finished decorating it.  I think it is finally coming together thanks to some fun wall art…

SPLASH Outdoor Sign with an easy Watercolor Paint effect I OneKriegerChick.comLiving in a house of little boys, there’s a whole lotta splashing going on…

Here’s what you’ll need to make the Splash Sign

SPLASH Pool Sign- supplies

  • Large wooden letters (Mine are 13 in.)
  • Paint: Cream or white, shades of turquoise or blue (I used chalky finish paint, but any will work)
  • Paintbrushes: Multiple sizes (Shown in tutorial)
  • (If you notice the “P” is missing in the photo, that’s because I forgot to buy one and had to run back after painting these…What I get for shopping with children in a craft store!)

Now that we have our materials, let’s get started…

Splash Pool Sign- first coat of paintStart by painting letters cream.

It took two coats, so on the second coat I used a coarse paintbrush to give the letters some texture.

Splash Pool Sign- texture in lettersReady to watercolor…the easy way?

Choose three colors of paint…I wanted the look of water, so I used three watery blues.  Since I only had two, I mixed some cream into the darkest color.  Turned out perfect!

Splash Pool Sign- DecoArt chalk paint colors

Splash Pool Sign- Colors for watercolorNow, let’s paint…

Splash Pool Sign- Watercolor painting Step 1I loosely painted a stripe of each color.  Then…Splash Pool Sign- creating watercolor look

I used a damp paintbrush to drag through the paint from the darkest color to the lightest.  You’ll want to use one side of the brush and then flip the brush over to drag through the next section.  The paint dries fast, so you have to work quickly.  If you want to increase the time you have to work with the paint, add a little water in the paint to thin it a bit.  The more water, the more watery the look.

I painted the end of each letter with the middle blue color.Splash Pool Sign- watercolor paintTo make sure each letter has the same stripe variation, set the letters side by side and use the painted letter as a guide…

Splash Pool Sign- painting letters

Splash Pool Sign- watercolor paint effect

After painting SPLASH, I thought it needed a little something more. Why not a small sign to spell out “Make a…SPLASH”…  So simple to make.  Just a scrap board and some paint.

Splash Pool Sign- accent signI painted the board cream, then penciled “make a”, and painted over the pencil lines with a small paintbrush and the darkest paint color.  Once hung on the wall, I think it finishes it off…

Splash Poolside Painted decor with a water color effectHere’s a sneak peek at how the Poolhouse is coming along…Just a few more accessories to go!

Splash sign- Poolhouse decorIf you like this project, you may also like my other Poolhouse decor…Outdoor Poolhouse I OneKriegerChick.comPottery Barn inspired POOL Sign // Rope Anchor

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  1. How coool is that sign — inspired to do something similar for my garden.

  2. Love your sign. The water color effect looks great!

    • Right?! Ariean is so talented. I feel lucky to work with her and am happy she’s been willing to contribute to the success of Snap. xoxo Tauni

  3. Thank you so much Simply D Constructed! Hope you have a great day!

  4. OH MY ……….. ARIEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I soooo love this!! (Can you hear my in my high pitched super excited voice?) This is so cute & just perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Love the sign!! Your pool patio looks great!

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