Cardboard Yarn Ornaments

*Editor’s Note: Krisha, from Jacks and Kate, first linked up to Show & Tell Wednesday more than a year ago. It was love at first sight. However, I really got to know her as she competed in So You Think You’re Craft this last year. Her projects were ALL amazing. I am excited to let you know that she will be joining us here as a regular contributor in 2014. Please welcome her! xoxo Tauni

First, I have to say that I’m absolutely thrilled to be on board as a SNAP contributor! Incredibly honored, thanks again Tauni! With that said, this is my debut contributor post. I was given the task to come up with some last minute Christmas decor. It was a little more difficult than anticipated. If I had actually been in a time a crunch, like I usually am, it probably would have been easier. I had to think, what would I do in a pinch?

Cardboard Yarn Ornaments

Yarn Ornament
Easy DIY Yarn Ornament
Since it’s the holidays, I’ve had more than my fair share of deliveries. Which means, I have an over abundance of cardboard boxes collecting. My husband calls me the, Prime Minister, since according to him, I abuse the Amazon Prime system. Is that even possible? Anyway, I knew I wanted to utilize cardboard as a main component of my project. So, I started cutting out random shapes, then remembered something I had seen a while ago. It was so simple and perfect for this week’s post!

For this project you’ll need:



First, cut several symmetrical shapes (I did circles and octagons)
Cut 1/2 inch to 1 inch slits, equal distance apart all the way around the shape.
Slide yarn into first slit, leaving a tail on the other side.
Begin making your way around the shape, passing through each slit several times, until you have your desired look.
Leaving enough to tie off a loop, cut yarn from skein.
Tie a loop for hanging, tuck excess tail under woven pattern.

Easy DIY Yarn Ornament
Easy DIY Yarn Ornament
Easy DIY Yarn Ornament
Easy DIY Yarn Ornament
I just love how these turned out! I’m not really a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas colors, so I opted for bright colors. Also, those are the only colors I had on hand. A great project to get your kids involved in! I love them as ornaments, garlands, or even gift tags!

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