Guest Room WiFi Network and Password Sign

Looking for a fun, playful way to share the guest room wifi network and password with your family and friends? Check out this magical wifi printable. This post may contain affiliate links.

Free Downloadable Guest Room WiFi Network and Password Sign

A comfortable guest room has few “official” requirements, however there are a few items that cannot be overlooked…A comfortable bed, soft pillows, extra blankets and, if we’re being totally honest, a WiFi connection.

Last week when I shared my newly renovated guest room (with twin beds!), several people asked about the WiFi network and passcode sign in the room. It’s one I made myself and I am sharing it today.

Guest Room WiFi Network and Password Sign

Initially I had planned to run with something similar to the room’s theme, like Go on an Adventure…Google Something. After thinking about it, I decided I wasn’t quite sure I wanted my nieces, nephews and friends looking for adventure on the internet. It’s not quite as tame as the average library.

Modern, bright guest room with twin beds.

I went with something a bit more tame – a magical theme. Totally doesn’t align with the rest of the room, but I printed it in a pretty color to match! That counts, right? I actually love how it looks in the room.

I printed the guest room WiFi network and password sign on regular cardstock using my home printer – a Canon Pixma Pro. If you don’t have a great color printer, I recommend taking it someplace like the Costco Photo Center or a professional print shop.

The print is framed in an 8×10 Ikea Ribba Frame, with a mat. I love these frames and use them all over my house. You can check them out on my mantel, as well as the other artwork in the guest room.

This wifi network and password sign is sized to 5×7.


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