You’re My Lobster Cut File + DIY TShirt

Friends fan? Lobster lover? Valentine? This You’re My Lobster Cut File and DIY t-shirt tutorial is for you!

You're My Lobster Cut File and DIY T-Shirt Instructions #friends #cutfile #valentinesday

I am a huge fan of the tv show Friends. Dating myself here, but this was a show I tuned into LIVE. I’ve watched every episode and I’ve re-watched every episode – first on DVD’s and then on Netflix. I know the theme song. I can quote individual episodes and yet, I don’t think I am nearly the fan my neighbors are.

Listening in on their conversations you might think they speak an entirely unique dialect of the English language, throwing out random words like PIVOT, UNAGI and LOBSTER. They’re speaking Friends. Pretty sure they couldn’t BE any cooler.

One of my favorite episodes is an early one…It’s worth viewing the clips.

And so, without further ado, let’s make a you’re my lobster t-shirt!

To recreate this t-shirt with the You’re My Lobster Cut File, you will need:

You’re My Lobster Cut File PNG or SVG
Electronic Cutting Machine (I am using this one.)
Black and Red Easy Weed Heat Transfer Vinyl (I buy all of my heat transfer from Expressions Vinyl.)
Heat Press or Iron (I use this press.)
Parchment Paper

Project directions:

  1. Download the cut file in the format that works best for you (see supply list above).
  2. Upload the design to your design software and create the appropriately sized layout. I sized this cut file to about eight inches wide.
  3. Mirror the image so that the text appears backwards on the screen. Feed the heat transfer material into your machine with the glossy side down. Select HTV in the media menu and cut.
  4. Peel the negative space in the design off the plastic backing, leaving only the words and shapes on the clear plastic transfer sheet.
  5. Pre-heat the t-shirt you’re planning to transfer the design on for about five seconds and crease the center for reference creating a vertical line for reference.
  6. Position the design face down so that you see it through the clear transfer sheet. Your text should be facing the right direction at this point.
  7. Place a thin cloth or parchment paper over the design and place a heat on top PRESSING FIRMLY into the design for 45-60 seconds OR if you have this amazing little portable heat press 15-20 seconds!
  8. Remove the iron and cloth. Gently peel up the transfer sheet. If the HTV continues to stick to the transfer sheet, replace the cloth and iron again making sure to apply pressure.
    Note: Follow the instructions on your HTV to determine if the transfer sheet should be pulled back when the vinyl is still hot or if you should wait until it’s cooled. 

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