DIY Paper Feathers

DIY Paper Feathers via #giftwrap #papercraft #feathers

When I was young, I had aspirations…

I wanted to be an advertising executive, the President and well, I really wanted to work at the seasonal gift wrap booth in the mall.

Sadly, I never held any of these lofty positions. However, I do consider myself something of a gift wrap hobbyist.


Imagine my excitement at the opportunity to share in a fun giftwrap-a-palooza with my sweet friends At the Picket Fence, Finding Home, Maison de Pax and Thistlewood Farms!

Here’s a little sneak peek at what you can expect to see from each of them…

Great Gift Wrap

I typically use a traditional red and green theme when it comes to holiday wrapping, but this year I really wanted to do something a bit more trendy. I decided to incorporate some easy-to-make DIY paper feathers into the packaging on gifts I am giving my friends.

How to Make Paper Feathers

DIY Paper Feathers via #giftwrap #papercraft #feathers

You know what a big fan I am of simple projects. Honestly? These DIY paper feathers are so quick, it’s faster than adding a bow!

All you need to make these feathers is paper and scissors. I wanted a bit more glam feather and so I used a gold flecked cardstock and POW Glitter Paper  (one of my favorite crafting supplies in the whole world).

Take the sheet of paper and cut it down to the height you’d like your paper feather to be from tip to tip.

DIY Paper Feathers via #giftwrap #papercraft #feathers

Fold the end of the paper over. Your feather will be about double this width.

DIY Paper Feathers via #giftwrap #papercraft #feathers

Trim your feather out of the folded paper. There’s no science to this, don’t worry about perfection. It actually looks bit better if it’s not perfect!

DIY Paper Feathers via #giftwrap #papercraft #feathers

Keep the feather folded in half and cut in your feathers at an angle from the outside edge top tip of the feather down.

DIY Paper Feathers via #giftwrap #papercraft #feathers

I actually cut one of my feathers from the folded edge out and it turned out to be one of my favorites!

DIY Paper Feathers via #giftwrap #papercraft #feathers

That’s it! So simple.

Once you’ve got your feathers together, it’s time to incorporate them into your packaging…

DIY Paper Feathers via #giftwrap #papercraft #feathers

DIY Paper Feathers via #giftwrap #papercraft #feathers

There are so many great ways you can attach and use these fun DIY paper feathers.

DIY Paper Feathers via #giftwrap #papercraft #feathers

Now, go! Go check out the awesome gift wrap ideas my girls are sharing on their blogs today!

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    • Laura! I don’t talk to you enough. Really. I don’t talk to you enough and I wonder how you’re doing and what you’re doing…I mean beyond the blog. Hope you are well. xoxo Tauni

  3. LOVE the feathers! I like the modern/rustic look of them. They could be created with tons of different types of paper too. I think I’ll be making some of these to top the million other gifts I still need to wrap. lol


    • Heather, you know just the thing to say! I have to admit that modern is a little out on a limb for me. I typically embrace trends about the time they’re no longer trendy. Love your guts! xoxo Tauni

    • Rachel, Thanks so much for popping over and leaving a comment. I am usually pretty traditional, so the wrapping on these gifts was definitely a change for me! xoxo Tauni

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