Travel & Camping Ideas for Kids

Though our family has yet to go camping (sad but true), we do take an annual road trip to my parents’ home in Califorina—a solid 11-hour drive. I’m always on the lookout for ideas and projects to keep my kids busy in the car and at grandma’s house so I can maintain a bit of sanity.

Our trip is in just a few weeks so I’m already planning how the kids will pass the time. I scoured the web and Pinterest and found 12 travel and camping ideas for kids perfect for our summer vacationing.

Travel & Camping Ideas for Kids

12 Travel & Camping Ideas for Kids

Kitchen roll kaleidoscope
Kitchen roll kaleidoscope via minieco

Cookie cutter bird feeder
Cookie cutter bird feeder via Pretty Prudent

DIY chalk & magnet board
DIY chalk & magnet board via Cul-de-sac Cool

rock monsters pebble magnets
Rock monster magnets via Coastal Always

DIY braided t-shirt bracelets
DIY braided t-shirt bracelets via Henry Happened

Mini marshmallow shooters
Mini marshmallow shooters via Come Together Kids

road trip bingo
Road trip bingo from Thirty Handmade Days

kid clips for road trips
Kid clips for road trips via Less-Than-Perfect Life

glow stick lantern
Glow stick lanterns via Gluesticks

friendship pins
Friendship pins via In the Midst of Living

cardboard tube binoculars
Cardboard tube binoculars via Crafts by Amanda

telephone can
Telephone can via Make It Do

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