Vintage Camper Makeovers

I am definitely NOT a camper. Okay, so I was a camper when I was little and my parents did all the work. We’re talking tent setup and take-down, scrambled eggs and pancakes on the Coleman stove, dishes done in separate buckets of soapy and clean water and chaperoning us via flashlight to and from the bathroom.

That so isn’t my thing as a grownup. We have yet to take our four kids camping—and I’m sure it has something to do with my aversion to dirt, bugs, campfire smoke, more dirt and more bugs. But I could be seriously tempted to head up the canyon if we were towing on of these beauties.

I believe these vintage camper makeovers are what many are calling “glamping,” and I think I could totally do the glamping thing…as long as the campsite were free from dirt.

Vintage Camper Makeovers

14 Vintage Camper Makeovers

Carlos vintage camper makeover
Carlos via Still Going Strong

camper makeover
Camper makeover via Home Sweet Motorhome (site in German)

vintage trailer makeover
1969 Shasta Stratoflyte via Little Vintage Trailer

camper makeover
Camper makeover via Home Sweet Motorhome (site in German)

Dazey vintage trailer makeover
Dazey via Rhonna Designs

Maude camper makeover
Marvellous Maude via Tales of Ted & Agnes

vintage Shasta trailer
Vintage Shasta trailer via The Vintage Bag Lady

Amy's Vintage Trailers
Polka Dot Rosie via Amy’s Vintage Trailers

camper makeover
Camper makeover via Sanna & Sania (site in Swedish)

Shasta renovation
Shasta renovation via Cornbread and Beans Quilting Company

1964 caravan makeover
1964 Caravan makeover via Apartment Therapy

1952 vintage Holivan
1952 vintage Holivan via Happy Loves Rosie

vintage cottage camper
Nora Pearl via Vintage Cottage Camper

The Fancy Farmgirl camper makeover
Audree via The Fancy Farmgirl

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  1. I am just putting the finishing touches on my glamper (the Pink Paradise) and I have fallen completely head over heels for these little beauties. I’m already thinking about restoring another one. It’s so nice to be able to see how everyone transforms their campers into glampers. You’ve picked some great designs!

  2. My parents had a popup camper when I was younger,I loved camping! My dream is to have one of these beauties,as I’m not a real fan of camping now that I’m in my 50’s…but this looks more my style..someday…love these!!

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  5. Hi! Love the ideas. I’m going to fix ours up and finally use it!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!